leaf artificial boxwood, large leaf artificial living wall mats, artificial ivy, artificial succulent mats, and with different shades of green. Artificial boxwood mats can be affixed to almost any flat surface, or be constructed as free standing with a simple frame.


Gorgeous artificial landscaping designs for any occasion

Inspire your clients, friends or colleagues with a flair of original and dramatic décor. Sunwing Industries Ltd. Offers an extensive range of artificial hedges, plant walls and privacy hedges to suit your every taste and style. With over ten years’ worth of experience in the industry and customers in more than 50 countries world-wide, we know the business of making artificial landscape design both practical and stunning.
Creating artificial hedge designs, plant walls and privacy hedges that suit their environment and serve a purpose at the same time is an art form. They must look and feel natural while still creating an impact on anyone who observes them. It is our business to make this happen. Artificial plants and landscaping solves a multitude of issues found in using conventional gardening. They require no maintenance or watering, do not attract insects, and are much more versatile and cost-effective. Anything is possible in terms of design and layout. Durability is guaranteed as they are fireproof, and artificial hedges and plants contain no heavy metals and have been UV treated and tested, making them environmentally friendly and non-hazardous. Artificial plant walls and privacy hedges add a professional and ultra-modern look to any home or business and can be customised to your specifications.
The spaces a person inhabits or visits has a profound effect on their mood and attitude towards the company that owns the space. Artificial hedges, plant walls and privacy hedges can greatly improve these connotations and perceptions and therefore installing them is highly beneficial. Many businesses the world over, including shopping malls,


hospitals and coffee shops,

have employed us to add a fresh and unique feature to their building. Private home owners have also made use of our services for both interior and exterior décor that ties a room together or enhances an outdoor area. Our artificial landscaping, wall plants and hedges can also be used for special celebrations such as birthdays, dinner parties, weddings or anniversaries. No occasion is too big or too small.
Over our lifetime, Sunwing Industries Ltd. have gained a reputation as a market leader, always providing the best quality product and services. Our wide range of artificial hedges and plants includes 12 different product types, each with a variation of colours to choose from. Our innovative designers can create anything your heart desires to your exact specifications or develop an original project that fits perfectly into the setting where you wish to install it. View our online brochure for inspirational ideas, contact us telephonically or via email, or even sign up for a live web chat with one of our experienced VIP sales consultants. Visit our beautiful warehouse and showroom in Ontario, California to familiarise yourself with our product first-hand. We sell directly to the public, which eliminates the middleman and means our products are well-priced. Post-sale support is there to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the product and service you receive.
Add colour and style to your life with our unique and arresting artificial hedges, wall plants and privacy hedge.


New release of our green wall panels #A052

Item No. #A052
Name: Dragonfly Forest Garden
Size: 40”*40”
Raw materials: New Fresh PE
Warranty: Over 5 years indoors
&3 years outdoors
Feature: UV-treated, Fire-retarded
& eco-friendly


How to make an artificial boxwood in planter for privacy walls

    The artificial boxwood planter as the newest decoration element has many advantages. They could be used as space division, boundary denotation and entertainment green maze. It not only beautifies your space but also increases the privacy protection.
     How to made the boxwood planter? Here we make a guide for you as Sunwing is the professional.
     Firstly, we have the regular size for boxwood planter of 75x75x30cm or 125x75x30cm. If you have any bespoke specific requirements, we can custom make it for you. We choose the WPC as the base, then we combine the your preferred artificial hedges leafy panels as you like for the above square box hedging creation. To meet the size, you can cut the iron mesh panels to fit the the base. Use the zip ties to tie them on the mesh.

    After that, we modify the whole box hedges with trimming the extra foliage and zip ties for best per-formation. Especially pay attention the corner of the planter. To enhance the box hedging corner, you have to fasten them with ties. The artificial hedges may look less, so you have to increase the foliage quantity for perfect appearance.

    You have to monitor and check the working process is smooth whether the size is in line with the required dimensions, the corner enhancement of the planter and the density & flat surface of the box hedging planter.
    At the end, a perfect boxwood or other artificial hedging planters like juniper or laurel type is finished ready for permanent or temporary rental in whatever occasional events decor like wedding backdrop or home residential application. 
    If you trust SUNWING, welcome to contact us or visit us in fakefence.com .We could assist you and provide the best boxwood planter for you in this process.


Artificial hedges for green wall innovation

The artificial green wall is not only a simple decorative wall, you can design meaningful pattern according to many new idea, you can see the following introduction, and hope this can bring   you some inspiration~

Here is a rainbow with cloud,did you see that? Like this model,it used different leaves and colors,so that present a full color effects.We like to design creative landscapes, and think it is beautiful. It's hard to see the rainbow in the sky, but you can always use the artificial hedges to create landscapes~

The coconut tree's pattern comes from our customers. It shocked me, because I think every tree is very realistic in the artificial hedges wall. It looks like a city sign. The trunk is straight, and there are no branches and no vines. Give people a sense of integrity.The artificial green wall is long and and every trees looks creative,I like them very much,what about you?

You could check below artificial hedges wall in our company,it is also designed by ourselves It is a play tetris in the wall,we just want to show our clients which hot sales artificial hedge model we have,and actually It can attract other people's eye very well.

In a word,our hedges will help you finish restoring any of your good ideas for landscape for a whole artificial green wall. You could choose some different type leaves foliage and color outline the logo,the sign,and anythings you want to stand out, we will help to fulfill it~ 


Artificial hedges foliage topiary in free style

With the importance of environment protection, more and more people are concentrate on the landscaping decoration. The artificial hedges foliage topiary have become the greatest choice to do that. Refer to the below picture, there is a green ice cream stand in the backyard. If you look carefully, it is consist of the artificial foliage topiary. It’s so natural and funny with creativity.

So, many landscaping architects start to use the element to do some wonderful designs.  Because of their plasticity and aesthetics. They could be used for make every shape from life or nature. Even People could create some new and special ideas on it. Due to the artificial foliage topiary isn’t be watering or trimming, so it could be used to imitate the true plants, and replace of them in the landscaping design. It may save some cost for that.

 On the other hand, you could see the above design. The guidance box is be paved by some artificial foliage topiary, just look like a plant square, not a wooden box. May improve the aesthetics in the garden.
Generally speaking , the artificial foliage topiary could be used for different themes landscaping projects., could bring many landscaping ideas and creativity as well.
If you don’t know how to decorate your backyard? If you are the landscaping designer, and is worrying the landscaping projects? If you are want to improve the decorating aesthetics? Maybe you could choose SUNWING, which is the leading manufacturer of artificial foliage topiary for more 6 years in China. We could give you new ideas for every landscaping design.


Tips on how to clean artificial hedges

Artificial hedges often provide your space with a relaxing, vibrant look. With time passing by, they may accumulate a layer of dust and suffer from spiders. Although plastic hedge products don’t require much maintenance, like any other surface indoors or outdoors, they need some regular cleaning to look their best.

Indoor Cleaning
Step 1 Prepare the following cleaning tools.
Feather duster
Two soft microfiber or cotton cloths
Mild detergent or gentle dish soap 
Spray bottle
Step 2 Dust the artificial hedges
Use a feather duster to remove dust and spider webs from the surface of artificial hedges.

Step 3 Further clean the artificial hedges
As for some tough dirt, grime, oil that you cannot easily wiping away by the feather duster, you need to choose non-abrasive materials to do a further cleaning.
  • Add a small amount of a mild detergent to lukewarm clean water
  • Fill the spray bottle with the water
  • Spray one soft cloth and gently scrub the foliage and panels
  • Rinse the residue away with clean, cool water
  • Dry it with another clean cloth
Outdoor Cleaning
When it comes to how to clean outdoor artificial hedges for privacy and landscaping, it gets much easier.

  • Choose a warm day
  • Carefully adjust the hose nozzle to spray. If the pressure is too low, it may take more time and energy to get the job done. If the pressure is too high, artificial hedges may get damaged and it will also cause a waste of both water and money.
  • Spray foliage and panels from all directions thoroughly to remove dust and spiders.
  • Gently shake off the excess water.
  • Allow them to dry naturally.
Artificial hedges do have many benefits, and a little requirement of cleaning is one of them. For more tips on how to clean and maintain your artificial hedges, feel free to contact us.


Three Methods of Reusing used plastic artificial plants and hedges

Project in Dubai

The artificial hedges whose foliage is made of PE material are becoming more and more popular with the expansion of our production capacity and sold all over the world. Look at the giant project above. Many wonder and concern about how can these plastic artificial plants or foliage be disposed to not harm the natural ecological environment system. Here we simply introduce these three methods for its recycled uses for your reference~

1.Burning method: Waste polyethylene combustion into heat energy
It can be used in the incinerator, and can be burned with other combustible materials, and then heat energy is generated. The products of combustion are mainly H2O and CO2, so the environmental impact during incineration is much smaller than that of PVC.
2.Recycling method: after the waste polyethylene is cleaned, broken and granulated, it is directly processed.
3.Chemical recovery method: the compounds are decomposed into small molecules by thermal decomposition or catalytic cracking. They are mainly gas producing technology, oil producing technology and wax producing technology.

As the environment factories has been taken into account, you do not have to worry our artificial hedges and plants are harmful to our earth. Because the reused plastic(PE) is environmental by plastic degradation and PE degradation.. By degradation with other methods, PE can be recycled.

If you have projects for whether residential or commercial, indoors or outdoors, do not worry the used artificial hedges and plants will pollute the environments. You are all welcome to import our factory-direct artificial foliage plants for eco-friendly landscape design.